Reinforced steel manufacturer

Reinforced steel - we manufacture wire mesh for concrete and floors and cable routing components from the best, approved grades of steel.

Reinforced steel - production and sales

Wire mesh

We manufacture wire mesh of various sizes and thicknesses made of attested grades of steel.

Steel cable ducts and trays

We sell high-quality metal cable ducts and trays made of high-quality sheet metal for cable routing.

Atested rebars

We offer a full range of reinforcing steel and all sections of ribbed, plain and stirrup bars.

Prefabricated reinforced steel - Shop:

Cooperation with suppliers

Reinforced steel prefabrication plant

Steel prefabrication services

We offer prefabricated reinforcing steel: mesh, concrete reinforcing mats produced from approved grades of steel according to individual customer orders. Our experience, machinery and production capabilities allow us to carry out large and unusual orders.

Professional, standard-compliant production of construction reinforcement steel

Quick execution and delivery throughout Poland

We operate quickly and efficiently based on modern machinery. Production processes for wire mesh, sheet cable trays, tie wire and annealed wire are 100% optimized. We also organize transportation and logistics throughout the country.

Comprehensive tailor-made steel reinforcement prefabrication services

Eleprod Steel Reinforcement Plant is a team of experienced and competent professionals with modern machinery for the production and comprehensive prefabrication of steel. We fulfill all unusual and tailor-made orders for customers from all over Poland.

Attractive prices for wire mesh, steel wire and cable trays

Our optimized production process and more than 25 years of experience in the production of metal mesh, reinforced floor mats and cable trays, as well as in the wholesale and retail trade of steel reinforcement assortments, allow us to offer very attractive prices and discounts to regular customers.

Online ordering of concrete reinforcement and cable route components

We invite you to make inquiries through the catalog. You will find proven quality, approved and certified wire meshes and mats for floor reinforcement, metal trays for the construction of sheet metal cable routes and other steel and construction products.